One of the greatest things which were created is the beautiful game of sports. Sports have the ability to change the mood of anyone it wishes. There is nothing greater than supporting your favorite teams as they soar on to victories. This would be especially pleasing to you if you are a sports fan. However, things have only gotten better with the passing of time. This is especially true in Singapore. With the coming of online casino in Singapore, people have been able to bet on their favorite teams online and with ease. There is just so much that can be done with online casinos in Singapore.

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However, for most people who have fallen in love with the betting world, there is just so much to bet on with the online casinos in Singapore. This especially applies to online sports betting in online casinos. While this might be true, there is still a way of making sure that you get the best out of your betting experiences. There are certain games which would surely interest you when it comes to betting using the online casinos. An exciting place to bet with would be the Goldbet888.

The Goldbet888 has one of the best online casino in Singapore. These casinos would take your betting to an all-time level regardless of what you are betting on. Whether online sports betting or play poker online, you can be sure that you would surely love the experience which you would get. Here are the top five games which you should bet on using Goldbet888;

Engage in Soccer online sports betting

One of the best games which you can bet on using Goldbet888 would have to be soccer. Soccer is a game which has worldwide acclaim and so many fans out there. Soccer players are often treated like demi-gods with the most popular ones out there being Ronaldo and Messi. There are so many football matches being played out there, and this makes it the top game to bet when using the online casino in Singapore.

If you wish to bet on Soccer, here are some tips which would help you to move in the right direction using the online casinos in Singapore;


When using an online casino to bet on football matches, the first thing you should do is to make sure that you check the recent games that have been played by the team that you are betting on. Soccer as a game is really a game that has to do with mental state and morale of the team. If the team has suffered a lot of losses of late and are coming up against a tricky opponent, then this would allow you to reconsider your bet.

Apart from the form, you could also go further to make sure that their form was as a result of poor play. Reading their match reports would give you a good idea of how things would likely turn out for them in the match which you are betting on in your Singapore online casino.

Team News

If you are planning on betting on soccer matches on a sport betting sites or in online casinos in Singapore, then one thing which you should make sure you do is to check the team news of each of the teams that are playing. Sometimes, a star player could be injured, and this could affect the chances of the team going forward. So make sure that you know who is going to playing in the match and who would sit it out. This would give you a good idea of how you should bet in an online sports betting site or in an online casino in Singapore.

Go on to play poker online

Play poker online is really one of the most popular game in online casinos in Singapore. Therefore, it is not a surprise that this game is among the top five games which you can bet on in Singapore. Poker can prove to be a very complex game especially if you are just starting out. However, there are some tips which you would help you to become a pro in less than no time. Here are some of those tips;

Sizing your bet

When it comes to betting on poker in an online casino in Singapore, one thing which you would have to keep in mind is how you size your bet. This is important as it can have direct consequences on the total pot size which you are keeping. It would also have a direct effect on the number of pot odds which you can place out there to your opponents. It is often advisable that when you are betting, you should make sure that your bet size is just 50% to 100% of your pot size. This is to make sure that you have maximum chances of winning in the game of poker in online casinos.

It is also important that you try not to change the size of you by judging from the strength that you feel you have. Once you start doing this, you would most likely be noticed by the players and that strength that you thought you once had would be no more.

Raising too small

Another thing which you should probably avoid is betting and not raising it to a moderate level. The truth is that if you keep your bets down too long, all you would end up attracting is more players who would be more than willing to enter the pot which you are in. Therefore, before you offer any pot odds to those you are going to face, try to think about it a bit. Make sure that it is not too low or not too high. This would make sure that your opponents do not get to pull a fast one on you.

Plan before betting

When you are playing poker in an online casino in Singapore, it is more or less a suicide mission to play this game without a plan. If you do not plan how you are going to bet and what you would love to accomplish when betting, then chances are that your opponents even though weak may get the better of you. So make sure that you do it well or you would most likely be left licking your wounds.

Explore BlackJack on an online casino in Singapore

Another game which you can play on online casinos in Singapore would surely be the blackjack. The blackjack is a wonderful game which could bring you a lot of cash if you play it well. However, you would also end up sending a lot of money down the drain if you do not know how to play it. If you are a rookie on playing blackjack and you are looking to test your hands at it online casinos, then here are some tips which would surely be as a source of guidance to you;

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Start with the basics

The first thing which you would need to do while playing blackjacks in online casinos in Singapore is to start with the basics. This would also mean employing most of the strategies that are basic to the blackjack. One of them would be memorizing. You should make sure that you know the right way which is involved in hitting or standing. This would extend to split and when you intend to double down your hands.

For example, if your dealer is currently at 12-6, then the best course of action would be to stand. If your hand is currently at 12-6 and your dealer has got the 7-ace, then this would probably be the most reasonable time to hit your hand. You should also make sure your aces and your 8s are always split. Also, make sure that you have double 11 whenever your dealer has got the 2-10.


Another thing which you should try to avoid is playing insurance. This is because you would quickly realize that the house you are playing in has more 5% advantage against any players who have got the insurance bet on their sides. So in other words, this means that even having the blackjack would only secure the first bet which you have made and nothing more. You should also bear in mind that in a situation where you both have the blackjack, it is bound to end up in a stalemate whenever you play the game in an online casino.

Start small

Starting small is probably the best advice that you can get. This is important as it gives you the time and opportunity to observe the situation and the way the game is set before deciding if you wish to advance further or not. Do not try to rush or you would probably have a torrid time at the online casino in Singapore.

Play the Craps game with an online casino

Goldbet888 is known for their love for the craps game. Therefore, you would surely find it exciting if you decide to play with their online casinos in Singapore. However, if you have no idea how to play craps or you take it for granted, chances are that you would lose a lot of games and a lot of money in the process. So making sure that you understand how it is played and playing it in the right is fundamental to being successful in this game.

Here are some of the tips which would surely help you;

Pass line bet

You would quickly discover just how valuable the pass line bet would be. This would be especially true if your house edge is currently at about 1.41%. When you play the pass line, you could be looking at a top bet in craps.

Come Bet

Another bet which would surely end well in any online casino in Singapore would be the come bet. If this bet is played when you have a house edge of just 1.41%, then you would probably be looking at a bet which would have a similar pull to that of a pass line bet.

Don’t pass bet

This bet is another option which you have when you are playing craps. If you have a house edge of at least 1.40%, this bet would surely be a premier bet. However, it is important to note that this bet is not liked by every player in the online casinos. It is often regarded as being against the entire idea of the game.

Odds Bet

Another bet you should go when you are playing the game in an online casino in Singapore is the odds bet. This odds bet would come good even though you have absolutely no house edge on you. However, the odds bet is one that must be made before most of the bets including the one which has already been mentioned early. This means that the advantage which this bet would give would be gone after the other bets have been placed.

Stay focused

The last tips which you should bear in mind are to stay focused and avoid the drama which craps can get. The truth is that if you should join the drama, you would likely not think properly before you make a move that would be disastrous. So make sure that you stay focused no matter how dramatic the game might turn out to be.

Fruit Machinesat an online casino in Singapore

The truth is that no online casino in Singapore would be complete without the presence of a fruit machine. Fruit machines are part of the larger games which are known as slot machines. Playing slot machines on online casinos can be a joy. However, while playing it, you could quickly discover that you would be on the losing side if you do not know how to play the slot machines properly. Here are some tips which would surely set you on your way;

Higher denomination

When playing on slot machines, you should make sure that you focus on placing your bets on denominations that are as high as possible. This is because the higher the denominations are, the more likely that you are going to get a denomination that is going to win. Another thing you should do is to make sure that you place a more valuable whenever possible instead of placing bets that are many but of a lower nature. This means that if you have a chance to place two bets that are 5 pounds each or one bet that is 10 pounds, you should go with the latter when choosing.

Maximum bets get you features

Another thing you should keep in mind is the benefits which betting on maximum values gets you. When you place maximum bets, you would have the benefits of the bonus features that are available. Another feature which would also surely be available would be the jackpots which are progressive in nature.  The only way to get these would through a bigger bet and that is why the maximum bet completely rocks. So make sure you do when you are playing on an online casino in Singapore.

Bet according to the simplicity of the game

When playing slot machines on online casinos in Singapore, you should make sure that you stick to the games that are simpler in nature. This is because the simpler the game, the better chances you have of winning. Also, the most complex games which you would find with these slot machines would often mean that you would have to cope with bad odds. For example, if you are thinking of choosing between three reels and the five reels, the three reels would usually lead to better chances of winning and better odds for you. So when playing online casinos in Singapore, make sure that you stick to games that are simple.

Avoid thinking of the rewards

Yes, one of the reasons why you are betting is to make sure that you get some winning. However, it is important to keep that out of your head when you are betting. It would also not be a wise move to believe that a slot machine in an online casino would bring out a big result because it had not done so in a while. So instead of spending your time contemplating what you are going to get, try to stay focused and get the best possible reward for yourself.

Take a breather

When you are playing on slot machines on Goldbet888 or any online casinos in Singapore, you can just want to go on and on. However, it is good to know when you just have to take a break. If you are losing, try not to think that you actually playing more would improve your chances of winning more games. Instead, make sure that you are well rested and have a clear mind before you resume your betting spree.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose online sport betting sites or online casinos in Singapore for yourbetting especially Goldbet88, you can be sure you would have a swell time with your favorite game.